Electromagnetic compatibility

Reach your Goal without Interference

With the use of fast-switching power electronics, for example in power converters and converter systems in production and test bench areas, the consideration of EMC regulations and their compliance has become indispensable. In networks, it is the high-frequency interference voltages that can lead to operating problems.

Field- and line-bound disturbances can be the consequence, which no longer guarantee a safe and error-free operation of the systems - downtimes in production and development up to system defects can be the result.  

The intended EMC guidelines counteracts the described problems and achieves a higher operational safety.

Our SBI EMC guidelines

With our specialists we are your partner for analysis, assessment and optimization of installations and electrical networks.


Especially for tasks and problems:

  • Network and radio interference suppression
  • Improvement of signal quality
  • Protection and safety


SBI supports you with expert knowledge, professional experience and measuring equipment for questions concerning earthing, shielding, lightning protection, EMC, EMCU and radio.

We work and coordinate the following areas for an EMC-compliant electrical installation in the entire building:

  • Grounding system/equipotential bonding/foundation grounding
  • Mains
  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Wiring concept/cable tray routing
  • Noise level of devices and facilities (e.g. filter, compensation)

This pronounced technical safety is the prerequisite for the interference-free operation of sensitive measuring and control devices. The network planning creates a defined electromagnetic environment for research, development and production, which has sufficient performance even over years and has reserves to meet future demands of product development.

Our services in the field of EMC:

  • Checking the documentation and installation
  • Site investigation
  • Compilation of the documentation
  • Preparation of specifications for EMC absorber halls/shielded cabins
  • Creation of EMC protection zone concepts
  • Simulation of electromagnetic fields
  • Interference level measurement EMC and EMCE
  • Earth resistance measurement
  • EMC specific construction management
  • Product Development
  • EMC Consulting
  • Indoor GPS Planning

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