„Form Follows Function“

Planning of Testing Technology

With the experience of more than 1,000 completed projects, we develop the core of the project – the testing technology – in close coordination with our customers. Together with you, we create a specification based on your requirements and then develop the ideal test bench for your purposes.

Mechanical Planning | Electrical Planning | Measurement Technology Planning | Automation Systems

Based on the detailed planning of the test technology components, this creates a complete system, whose technology and architecture are perfectly matching your requirements.

  • Vehicle type and size
    (Passenger cars, commercial vehicles, off-highway vehicles and special machines, two wheelers, racing, ...)
  • Phase of the life cycle
    (Research, development, production, certification, COP, ...)
  • Function of the test bench
    (Function development, climatic and altitude testing, emission testing, endurance testing, component testing, ...)

We monitor, coordinate and control the implementation and commissioning and thus guarantee the quality of your test results. In addition, we support you in improving the function, reducing costs and taking measures to optimally utilize your test benches.

  • Complete vehicle test benches
  • Powertrain test benches
  • Test benches for environmental simulation (climatic and altitude chambers)
  • Test facilities for Active and Passive Vehicle Safety
  • Noise-analyzing (NVH) test benches
  • Emission test benches
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) test benches
  • Aerodynamic test benches
  • Aero-acoustic test benches
  • Endurance test benches 
  • Chassis test benches
  • Body test benches
  • Component test benches


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