Lean Construction

Lean Construction

Since construction projects are carried out by many different companies, the company constellation for each project is new.

The cooperation is inexperienced and the business interests can compete.

This is where Lean Construction at SBI comes into play by forming a project team with a common project goal from the various project participants.

This makes construction projects more efficient, avoids waste and the project goals are more reliably achieved or even exceeded.

The essentials of our Lean Construction are:

Lean Construction in its ideal form is teamwork in partnership across company boundaries. We distinguish three possible intensity levels:

  • Stage 1: Classic project process (phases 1-8 acc. to HOAI), but with Lean Construction in the execution phase (HOAI phase 8). Lean Construction is rather unusual for project participants and is set up by us in the project.
  • Stage 2: Similar to Stage 1, but with increasingly more project participants who are experienced in Lean Construction.
  • Stage 3: Lean Construction is firmly anchored in the project by the client's specifications. The entire project organization (including the client) practices Lean Construction.

Would you like to learn more about Lean Construction or are you looking for a competent partner?

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*HOAI: German regulations regarding fees for architects and engineers.