Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Your Digital Project Management with SBI

In construction projects, you are always faced with fundamental challenges. On the one hand, these are very diverse in nature, on the other hand, they usually occur together and have a noticeable effect.

Challenges in project management are among others:

  • High technical complexity
  • High number of stakeholders
  • Lack of cost transparency/control

With Building Information Modeling (BIM), we offer a holistic approach to project management that addresses the causes of the above-mentioned challenges and thus sets the course for the successful realization of demanding construction projects.

It describes a digital project management, based on a three-dimensional building model consisting of intelligent parts and components. The focus is on three essential aspects:


  • Building life cycle
    Planning, execution, operation, conversion, recycling
  • Digitalization and Collaboration
    The virtual building as the central tool in the project
  • Multidimensionality
    Functional and physical properties, deadlines, costs

SBI - Your contact for a successful handling of complex tasks in connection with BIM

Increase the quality, efficiency and planning reliability of your project

With BIM, we at SBI enable the integrated, digital planning and realization of construction projects and collaborative work of all project participants on a common 3D building model.

As a general planner who combines all planning competencies under one roof, we can provide your project with valuable benefits through consistent, effective and efficient BIM management.

In addition to our own BIM management in projects, we accompany and support clients and project participants in the implementation of BIM projects.

Our holistic BIM approach includes a wide range of applications throughout the course of the project, which include:

  • Visualization of planning for simplified decision making
  • Simulation (e.g. construction process, lighting, sound)
  • CAD construction Attribution of the components
  • Calculations (e.g. heating and cooling load, pressure loss)

Our BIM & CAD services

In the past, we have already advised and supported implementing companies in the field of BIM & CAD during project execution.

With our CAD department we meet the demand for detailed, intelligent 3D CAD planning.

Our services in the CAD area include:

  • Assembly planning in 2D/3D
  • Revision planning in 2D/3D
  • Plan creation (floor plans and diagrams)
  • Recording of the actual-state in 2D/3D
  • Mass/quantity determination based on 2D/3D planning
  • Collision check and coordination with other trades


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