Sustainability at our location in lampertheim

Leady by Example

Sustainability is also a top priority at our location in Lampertheim. The 2017 extended photovoltaic system has a capacity of approx. 100-Kilowatt peak and is supplemented by an energy storage with a capacity of 40 kWh. 

Good energy management enables us to use a high proportion of the renewable electricity we generate ourselves.


Monitoring shows that our self-sufficiency in terms of renewable electricity is 100% on summer days. On top of that, we use less than we feed back into the grid and thus have a positive energy balance over the whole year.

Sustainable energy management - an aspect that SBI/WBI always focuses on.

Electric vehicle fleet  — Moving the Future

Keeping CO2 emissions low: This is also a priority of our employees. That's why many choose electric vehicles for their company cars.

Our growing fleet of electric vehicles obtains green electricity everywhere via a charging card system, which is produced, among other sources, by the company's own photovoltaic system.

With the addition of our company’s own charging stations, it will be even easier for employees to charge their vehicles in the future.