Thermal management – A key technology for e-mobility

The switch to Battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) in society is in full progress. 
Only in Germany, the number of registered electric vehicles exceeded 500,000 last year. Our employees are also increasingly choosing such vehicles. 

However, the development of the technical components to achieve the performance of a „conventional“ powertrain is a challenge for electric vehicles.

In the course of electrification, BEV’S powertrain loses its most important source of heat. Direct conversion of electricity from the high-voltage battery into heating energy for comfort, safety and component protection, as well as cooling in hot temperatures, reduces a vehicle's range.

Obviously, nobody wants to make time-consuming stops to recharge the vehicle all the time. 

Thermal management is therefore a key technology for the acceptance and success of electric mobility within our society. 

SBI plans and develops test benches specifically for optimizing the energy flows within electric vehicles. This can significantly increase the range of an electric vehicle and also meet the customer’s requirement of a long drive without having to recharge.