Automatically adjustable wind tunnel nozzle

Did you know that there are nozzles in wind tunnels designed by WBI that can be automatically adjusted to the size of the vehicle being tested?

Wind tunnel nozzles are always precisely dimensioned for a defined range of test vehicles, so that the air achieves optimal flow quality.

In some cases, it makes sense to use an adjustable nozzle that enables different outlet sizes - whenever the spectrum of vehicles ranges from small cars to mid-size cars and trucks. The nozzle automatically adapts to the test item, ensuring optimum flow to the test vehicle.

How exactly do you develop such a wind tunnel nozzle and still ensure best wind tunnel efficiency?

First of all, our specialists use analytic tools for basic dimensioning based on our engineering experience.

CFD simulations are used to simulate pressure ratios and optimize the nozzle geometry. At the same time, the mechanical structures are analysed for component strength and deformation using FEM (Finite Element Method).

In a next step, a 3D CAD model of the technically complex solution is designed. After that, the nozzle is manufactured and finally installed in the wind tunnel, as can be seen on the picture of the climatic wind tunnel of CAERI.